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Any attempt to study Basilisks is hard due to their aggressiveness and shape-shifting nature, and as a result reports upon Basilisks vary wildly with some believing them not to be a dragon or exist at all.

There are a few tell-tale giveaways of a Basilisk namely that they can be detected by spiders and swallows (presumably by detecting its toxic breath) who keep well clear of them and its form of attack by venom which despite being able to shapeshift it invariably leaves upon the ground. It is also reported that it is scared of chickens and weasels but I would advise you to take this with a pinch of salt.

It uses its eyes (which are emerald green with flecks of gold) to hypnotise and draw in its prey which it then bites with an incredibly powerful venom which has been recorded to melt metal. Although it is allegedly scared of chickens and weasels as mentioned earlier the best way to protect yourself is with a mirror because when confronted with a student and its own reflection it will judges itself the most dangerous threat leaving you free to take notes.

It is theorised that Basilisks raid other dragons nests eating all of their eggs and replacing them with their own. As a result of this, the Basilisk young need to be able to shapeshift into that dragon's young to prevent it from being killed. Another theory is that they are a pseudo-dragon that's true form is a rooster's head on a snakes body and are born from the crossbreeding of a toad and a rooster. Ernest Drake considers this a myth and the Cooks believe it to have a real form that is similar to a slug.

Information []

LAIR OR NEST - Barren Landscapes, nothing tends to live around one's lair

DIMENSIONS [ADULT] - has a Crown shaped Crest, size varies depending on home Location.

COLORATION - Earth Tones

FORMS OF ATTACK - Teeth, Sight has particularly powerful form of hypnosis, Toxic Breath

FOOD - Anything it can fit into it's maw

HOARDS- particularly smooth and shined stones

SCIENTIFIC NAME- Draco Basiliskos

Description []

false A roosters egg was Hatched by a frog/toad.true Basilisks are shape-shifters and are hard to spot. Spiders and swallows can detect a Basilisk, as when you hang a Basilisk off the rafters, spiders and swallows will then stay away. Basilisk blood is a very helpful ingredient, almost as inportant as dragon dust.