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Penzance boys up in a tree,
Looking as wisht [note 1] as wisht can be;
Newlyn buckas as strong as oak,
Knocking them down at every poke.

Buccas are a rare knucker subspecies which are extremely shy and are easily frightened by dragons (even little ones), dogs and cats. They hide in abandoned mines (which their native Cornwall and Devon have a abundance of) by day and make loud honking noises to scare off intruders. Despite this they are likely as dangerous as Knuckers if threatened.

Although their eyesight is poor they are able to hunt their prey of rabbits using a sense of smell strong enough to detect them at several hundred yards.

Very little is know about this dragon and it is often confused with fairies, hobgoblins and even the deep sea creature the black dragonfish.

Fun Fact: The plural of a Bucca is Buckas, with a K.


  1. Wisht means frightened