Eastern Dragons are a collection of long thin dragons typically known as Asian Lungs which live in the orient and are known by the scientific name of Draco Orientalis. 

Lung are most often found near the rivers, streams and lakes that hide their underwater lairs. Females carry their eggs with them for safety, using the lairs to store pearls and opals they hoard away.

Females are also thicker with shorter bodies and smaller scales along with horns which start off thicker but taper more quickly relative to males. They also posses a distinctive fan like tail relative to the club like tail of male lungs.

The number of toes varies across the various subspecies with each oriental nation believing that dragons originated there and as they moved away the number of toes they have changed.

Name Location Toes


Ryu Japan 3 30 feet 10 feet
Yong Korea 4 50 feet 8 - 10 feet
Lung Chinese 5 40 feet 12 - 15 feet
Dragon Tibet 5 40 feet 10 - 12 feet
Dragon Indonesia 4 25 feet 6 - 8 feet
Axolotl Headed Lung none 40 feet unknown

Most lungs have a positive relationship with humans with chinese lungs being purported to have given humanity the secret of writing and japanese ryus and tibetan dragons enjoy spending time with monks

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