Given that dragons are significantly older and more intelligent than humans one may assume that communicating with dragons may present challenges. However, this varies with species of dragon with some (e.g. the European Dragon) being very willing to communicate with humans, even in human languages, while others (such as the Frost Dragon) are less willing to communicate.

Forms of CommunicationEdit

The method used to communicate with dragons is often the first barrier to communication. Although dragons will speak to you that is reliant upon you being able to find the dragon or it desiring to find you (neither of which are likely as dragons tend to spread themselves across a wide territory). However, their wide territory increases the chances that you may find messages scratched into runes as dragons could leave them in any reasonably remote place.

Although, dragons may write in their own language they have picked up several from humanity which are listed bellow. Unfortunatly latin characters tend to be ignored possibly because their frequent uses of curves makes them hard to scratch into rocks.

  • Runes Germanic and Norse runes were used across much of europe by cultures that were not part of the roman empire (which used latin). Compared with latin it has relatively few curved lines and can be writen without them while preserving much of the readability. Most european dragons will use the futhorc which was used by the Saxons and the Anglo Saxons while the Scandanavian version, the futhark, may come in useful for communicating with frost dragons which dwell in the areas it used to be spoken.


Language is the next barrier you will encounter. Most dragons will speak the human language native to their region but some will only ever speak in dragonish. An interesting trend is the tendancy of dragons to speak in old human languages, in the case of European Dragon's either germanic or latin.

What to speak aboutEdit

Dragons love riddles. They will often challenge people to riddles, either for fun or under the threat of being eaten. If you yourself come up with a good riddle you may win the dragon's friendship.

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