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In recent years human behaviours to dragons have grown increasingly bad. Although tentions have existed throughout history, recent behaviour has been unprecidentedly horrendous and has lead to the extinction of several species of dragon and others to go extinct in the wild.

A example of this that truely shows its terrible implications is the case of the Humming Dragon which was the smallest of all dragon species. However, in the early 19th centuary it became popular amongst Gauchos (horsemen in their home country of argentina) to use them as 'pocket matches'. By 1820 they were extinct in the wild and they went extinct shortly afterwards.

Another case is that of the Tunguska Dragon which has been entirely domesticated by Dark Dragonologists who keep them in shocking conditions in cages rather than letting them roam free in their natural Siberia.

However, this doesn't just happen to rare dragons, The European Dragon, the classic example of dragonkind, is under threat. European Dragons are hard to domesticate but can be captured and forced to act through spells, charms or more blunt means. People have repeatedly attempted to force dragons to perform in fairs and other shows.

An example of this is Phineas Freek's Freak Fair in which many extrordinary animals were forced to perform against their will including a european dragon that was forced to fly through a flaming hoop. Any dragnologist would have been horrified to see the things Feek did in the name of entertainment.

Escaping European Dragon

The dragon flies away from its 'reunion' with freek.

A team of ammerican dragonologists waited for night fall where upon they snuck into the animal housing and freed the creatures. However, the dragon was so used to performing for Feek that it had forgotten how to hunt and breathe fire and they had to train it. Shortly afterwards it was released  and, after a short ‘reunion’ with Feek, it flew away to begin its new life in the mountains.

The monsters were put into the safe keeping of the Societas Monstrorum.

Many other cruelties have been done to european dragons such as tieing them to a stake and forcing them to dance.