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Dragonish is a language that dragons speak and write.

Random Dragonish Letters On Rock with scratch marks

3 Dragonish letters on rock

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A handy guide below:


Grammatically, dragonish is remarkably similar to English though there are things to be aware of. The first is that adverbs and adjectives go after their verb or noun. The second is that all verbs are regular meaning that they adhere to the same rules. Additionally you are

If the root word is Algrai ((to) fly) then you remove the 'ai' before adding the suffix.

List of suffixes
Verb type Dragonish suffix Example English Example Dragonish
1st person singular oo (I) fly (Um) algroo
1st person plural umble (we) fly (???) algrumble
2nd person singular ow (you) fly (???) algrow
2nd person plural umple (you) fly (???) algrumple
3rd person singular i (he/she/it) flies (???) algri
3rd person plural arch (they) fly (???) algrarch

Note that all verbs are present tense.

Sample Dragonish[]

Sample Dragonish
Example Dragonish Litteral English (my guess) English Meaning Section
Aargh umm Day good Good day Greeting
Durgh umm Night good Good night
Praisich boyar Hello, dragon Hello, dragon
Praisich hoyari Hello, children Hello, children
Ss ur ut? What is your name?
Sor Yes
Nargh No
Ahurr ut Thank you
Splau nargh gobble em Please do not eat me
Umm boyarghissor I'm Friend I am a friend
Trurr Engli? Understand English? Do you speak english?
Nargh trurr No Understand I do not understand
Oops I am sorry
Oowon? When?
Oowor? Where?
Umm boyari boyarghissor Essa-essde I'm dragon friend member I belong to the Secret and Ancient Socitiy of Dragonologists