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Dragonology Wiki is an encyclopedia dedicated to the scientific study and conservation of that most rare and endangered of reptiles the dragon as set out by the books of the same name by Dr. Ernest Drake. Dragons have inhabited this planet for longer than humans and some are considerably more intelligent but over the last centuries their numbers have dwindled due to climate change, habitat destruction and direct cruelty to dragons.

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Dragonology is the formal study of creatures known as dragons, past, and present, as well as their conservation. Dragonology is studied by people known as dragonologists, people who do their work with passion.

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Dragons are an extremely rare genus of reptiles, who are of course studied by dragonologists. Some of them have wings, and all have between four legs to none. Many dragons are said to breath fire, which is false, as they use toxins in their mouths to create fire, poison, or in the case of the Frost Dragon, a blast of ice! As far as body coverings go, all of them have scales somewhere, though some do have skin, and even feathers.

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