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The contents of this page appears to be/is absent from all of the books made by Ernest Drake. Be wary of trusting its contents.

A type of Hybrid Dragon, Faerie Dragons are a small and mischievous breed of dragons. The wings resemble butterfly wings in a bat wing shape. Not particularly violent, only attacks to protect the nest but will use a spray attack to try to confuse the intruder. they have and will respect a pure heart, but are not afraid to play harmless pranks.


Faerie dragons are rarely found in highly civilized areas due to needing natural magic sources for support. Will follow groups of other Fae.

LAIR OR NEST - Usually in trees, Bushes. Anywhere a bird would nest in the wild.

DIMENSIONS [ADULT] - Size of a House cat

COLORATION - Blue, black, white, red, yellow, green, purple, and rainbow tones

FORMS OF ATTACK - Teeth, Confusion and euphoria inducing spray

FOOD - Small Forest Animals

HOARDS- Brightly colored feathers and fabric scraps, will take gems if available.


Bred by the ruling groups of the Fae, by infusing Fae Magic into Wyrm eggs. They were bred for their small size, popular as pets amongst the larger Fae Folk. Now a thriving wild population, they are tricksters due to the influence of the Fae.