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Welcome to the Dragon Sightings Forum.
This is a place to report any sightings of wild dragons. To report a dragon sighting type the dragon's name or location of the sighting into the box below and click add new topic. After that hover over the template that appears and click edit. Then fill out the form..

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Dragon Sightings Forum

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Amesbury ma15:45, August 11, 2020Swordsofwrathadmin
Uncertain breed , spoted in watford , rainy conditions, big wingspan , black in color , size of a big dog11:42, June 9, 2019Swordsofwrathadmin
American Amphithrere20:56, October 11, 2018Swordsofwrathadmin
Windelhide17:15, June 29, 2018Swordsofwrathadmin
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