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Dracology- The "towerdiving" gargoyle

This video was made by Javerage's Face and used with permission. It does contain some factual errors and is provided only for an engaging introduction to the subject.

The Gargouille is not a particularly rare dragon, but it can be quite hard to find. Draco occidentalis minimus, as it is scientifically called, hides on gothic rooftops or churches and other scenic buildings. Its skin color and gargoyle-like look make it easy to believe that it's in fact a statue. The Gargouille is incapable of sustained flight due to its small wings, but does have limited gliding ability.


This dragon is only slightly larger than humans. It stands at 8-10 feet tall, and is tipcally around 15 feet long, but that is nose to tail and the Gargouille stands on its hind legs, like humans.

It has two small wings, likely able to glide for short distances. The wings of this dragon have tips, but not clawed tips. It has two arms and legs, the arms being much smaller, of course, with sharpened spurs protruding from the back of the elbow and knee.


The head of this dragon has large earflaps, with spines, on both sides of the head. Its mouth is extremely beaklike in looks, and fleshy wattles hang down from the sides. The Gargouille has a few large spikes going backward from the center of its forehead.

Coloration and skin coverings[]

This dragon appears in the colors green and gray, with occasional mottling to the wings. The Gargouille has a rather leathery appearence. The colors of it make this dragon hard to spot on very old buildings.


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