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Feel free to add info/photos, fix grammatical/spelling errors, etc. I currently don’t very many books by Dr. Drake so I’m bound to get some info wrong.

A hoard is a selection of items in a dragon’s lair that the dragon has collected. Western dragons use them to protect their underbellies, but Eastern dragons keep them simply for their beauty. Items in the hoard usually differ from species to species, but sometimes dragon species will hoard similar or the same things as another species, like the Japanese Ryu and the Indonesian Dragon. A Wyvern has no hoard, as they are nomadic.

Now let’s look at each dragon’s specific hoard.

European Dragon[]

European Dragons hoard gems like rubies or sapphires and also metals, like gold and iron.

Frost Dragon[]

It is currently unknown what a Frost Dragon hoards, if any. They might not have one or at least a very big one as they are migratory.


It is currently unknown what Gargouilles hoard, if any.

Dwarf Dragon[]

A Dwarf Dragon will hoard just about anything shiny, like gems and coins.


A Knucker hoards household items, like books or maybe even electronic devices.


Depending on the mine the Bucca resides in, Buckas hoard tin or copper.

Mexican Amphithere[]

It is currently unknown what they hoard, if any.

American Amphithere[]

It’s also currently unknown what they hoard.

Chinese Lung, Japenese Ryu, and Indonesian Dragon[]

They all hoard pearls and opals, and the Chinese Lung hoards jade too.

Korean Yong[]

It is currently unknown what the Korean Yong hoards, if any.

Tibetan Dragon[]

It’s also currently unknown what they hoard.

Sargasso Dragon[]

Unknown, but it would probably have to be something found underwater as they are fully aquatic.


Unknown, but they seem like diggers so maybe something you could find underground?


Unknown, but their article says they often live in ancient ruins, maybe ancient artifacts are their thing?

Marsupial Dragon[]

Unknown, would have to be something found in the Blue Mountain Forests.

Tasmainian Dragon[]

Unknown, would have to be found in the undergrowth and Tasmainia.


The basilisk hoards smooth and shiny stones.