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Disclaimer: This game is provided for entertainment value only. Any attempt to contact dragons in the real world should be done with extreme caution and Dragonology Wiki takes no responsibility for pain, injuries or death caused by: raging torrents, cliff collapses, lose rocks, cold, hot, fire, claws, teeth, constriction, hypnosis, or any other dragon or environment related fatality. We further state that this shall never imply that we take responsibility for anything else. Ever. Even the poor quality of our writing.

Ok, you may have got bored over the summer so we present to you the Dragonology hyperlink game. We just give you a description of the situation you are in and you chose the hyperlink (the blue things which take you to other webpages) that best represents what you would do.

But first some back story. You have received reports of dragon activity around the village of little Hazelworth and have embarked on a mission to find out. You are full of excitement and adventure ... for precisely 30 minutes. By the time the bus deposits you half a mile from the village in the pouring rain you are fed up and would quite like to go home.

You gather together your stuff and your courage however and set of down a winding road that leads you towards the village. As if it couldn't get any worse, your mobile coverage cuts out halfway there, leaving you without access to your music.

And so, exhausted, soaked, and, worst of all, internetless you arrive in the village of Little Hazelworth. On any other day you'd say it was a nice place: It's stone and brick walls would look stunning when the sun was up, but you don't have time to admire them, only time to press on to the inn. That at least is warm, if somewhat quiet, so you walk up to the bar and ask if they have your reservation.

The woman's face drops for a moment, then perks up again. "I'm afraid we don't have a reservation for you and all our rooms are occupied."

You are about to protest when a sudden hush fills the room. A dark clad man has just appeared in the middle of the room. "What's this about being all full up?" he asks "Don't you know, we always have space for our guests?"

And then beckoning "Please young man, come with me," as he leads you to the staircase.

Do you want to say any of these:

"My name's Ernest."

"Who are you?"

"Why did she say you were full?"