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The Indonesian Dragon is an Asian Lung that is noted for its relatively large wings. Never the less its preferred means of transport is to run on water using its webbed feet which it does at considerable speed. It uses this ability to steal fish from fishermen (hence its nickname of "fish thief") all the time giving off its characteristic loud honk.

It is up to 25 feet long which is around half the length of the Korean, Tibetan and Chinese dragons and around the same length as Japanese dragons. This length difference is probably explained by the fact that they are island dragons and so have less prey.

They are coloured black, blue or green while their eggs are pink and are (like the adult) the smallest amongst Asian dragons. Mothers presumable take eggs with them like other Asian Lungs.

Infraspecies of the Indonesian Dragon[]


Sadly, in the 1883 eruption which destroyed all life on the island, these dragons became extinct. They differed from ordinary Indonesian dragons in nothing more than their small size. Krakatoans were so tame that they would eat out of a the hands of a dragonoloigst.


Javan dragons are seclusive, love exotic flowers (used for decorating their lairs) and are violent if disturbed. They can also be noted for having the least amount of webbing on their feet.


Sumatran dragons are similar to Javan dragons, except they are lighter in color.