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"My first dragon didn't breath fire, couldn't fly, and didn't even have proper wings. But I was completely enthralled."

~ Drakes Dragon Diary, August 1844

Dracology- The "diggy" hole dragon

This video was made by Javerage's Face and used with permission. It does contain some factual errors and is provided only for an engaging introduction to the subject.

Knuckers are a strange dragon which live in damp, wet environments where there is moisture. Their body is thin with a length of 30 feet and a height between a fifth to a tenth of their length. Their coloration is brown, dull red or greenish blue. Their eggs are various shades of green to camouflage them from predators in the wet, damp environments. They enter a large body of water as soon as they are born.

Despite their length they only eat small creatures and vertebrates (e.g. fish) along with smaller creatures such as farm animals, livestock, also even stray kids. However their venom is far in the excess of what would be considered necessary to kill such prey being a purple substance that is almost pure acid that liquefies prey and even small doses of it have been know to leave humans in an infirm and weak state for weeks.

They sharpen their claws on bits of stone (especially flint) and bricks on the edge of their wells, and anything hard and in texture like stone are also other points to include as well.

Knucker by lake


Most information about Knuckers comes from Ernest Drake's study of Weasel, a knucker who lived near Castle Drake who is pictured to the left.