The Korean Yong is a long thin dragon making it a subspecies of the Asian Lung. The Yong is the biggest lung species being 50 feet long and 8 to 10 feet high. They are narrower and longer than Chinese Lung and (contrary to popular opinion) can also be distinguished by having 4 toes relative to a Lung's 5 or Ryu's 3 and can also be noted to have larger scales than other species and fewer spines.

They are yellow or golden in colour with a white mane and whiskers while their eggs are coloured white like a Lung's but unlike a Lung's turn golden upon contact with water. The young will hatch while the egg is underwater and will be mainly aquatic for many years. Even when adult the Yong will never stray far from water and will make a nest in a cave or crater near a volcanic spring as they rely upon for heat in winter.

They mainly eat small mammals, especially musk dear, which they constrict after hypnotising it with a peculiar mixture of a strange swaying dance and a call which starts of like a yodel and falls to a low drone. If its normal prey is not available it will eat fish then waterfowl.

Generally regarded as a celestial and powerful creature, the Korean Yong has been deified and worshipped by the Korean people. They have called them "yong wang", or the dragon kings. In Korean legend, they are said to control the three seas that surround the Korean Peninsula.

The Koreans believe that dragons started off in Korea and when they left the numbers of toes changed.

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