The contents of this page appears to be/is absent from all of the books made by Ernest Drake. Be wary of trusting its contents.

This nocturnal dragon known by the ancient Sumerians as the Nocktulos Dragphibias, more commonly known as the Night Glider [NIET-GLIE-DER] has a very long history. The most common tale of its birth is this one': The first came from the darkest shadows, a demon of Azameth (one of the darkest places on Earth) gave life to darkness itself. This demon was to prove himself worthy of being one of Hades's minions. He did this by taking a normal dragon and processing him with dark matter. This dragon started to produce. These dragons lived in Insignia, a island north of Russia. They soon started bringing kaos to the villages of East Asia. Mankind soon found a way to deffeat them... "the orb of light". They would capture the Night Gliders and do unspeakable things too them. These dragons went through a era of extinction. Soon they learned to lay low , and eventually they stopped killing villagers. They started to live a normal life, and soon the breeding ratio went up and a new generation of Night Gliders started, there elders would tell them the tale of the "orb of light". This newly made tribe of Night Gliders became nocturnal createatures, for two reasons: there new fear of light, and not to run into anymore humans. Every now and then a Night Glider will ambush a human, but they don't eat humans. They eat bats, spiders, snakes and other stuff.

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