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In time a Dragonologist will reach an advanced level, ready to raise His or her own Dragon. Raising your own Dragon chick will assist you Greatly in Dragon science. In order to raise a baby dragon, you must first create a plan for looking after it:

I. Where will you keep it? Some sort of fireproof construction is essential.

II. How you will feed it. (while young they like milk or rats while full-grown they like lots of meat)

III. How will you clean it? (Dragons do not like baths, they like a rag/scrub brush to get under the scales move it side to side but slowly don't move fast because a ripped scale will harm it and you can brush with the grain or their scales)

IV. How will you train it? (Train it with treats and give it some battle experience)

V. How will you use it? (Not to chase school bullies).

VI. How you will deal with mischievous behaviour. (Gently).

VII. Where, When, and how you will release it. (Not into your neighbour's garden).

Until you have the answers to these questions, you will not be able to begin this work. If any are lacking (the financial resources to feed it, a place to keep it, etc.) you must work at getting these in place first. If this means you need to work at your other studies to find an occupation that pays for your dragonology, so be it!

Even after you release your Dragon, you should continue to monitor it.

To keep your chicks healthy and happy, sacrifices may need to be made, even at Sunday lunchtime.~